Spotlight on UTEP

We want to hear about your experiences as a Teacher Candidate in the Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP). Your voice is valuable and your feedback will help us better our program!

Your testimony will be will be uploaded to the Department’s website and used for recruitment efforts. Please fill out the attached form completely and submit a picture to go along with your testimony. 

RU Ready to Help? Testimony Submission


How has UTEP helped you to become the teacher you are today? 


"UTEP emphasized the importance to keep asking questions and to encourage your students to learn and think. "

~ Catherine Saavedra


"UTEP has prepared me to teach urban youth and to better understand them"

~ Maria Awad


"UTEP has given me the support and skills to command my classroom."

~ Emily Winand 


"UTEP has prepared me with multiple strategies that I currently use in the class and that help me be very successful. "

~Lillian Cerqueira


"My student teaching experience was amazing and I learned so much."


~Fatema Sheikh